01 January Thursday 1970
12:00 AM

Coldplay drummer will also be singing during new tour

Coldplay Information

Coldplay, of course, are a band everybody knows! They became famous in the nineties. Few people know that their name is actually inspired by a poem by the poet Philip Horky. He wrote something along the lines of ‘Child’s reflections, cold play’. The members Chris Martin, Jon Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman met at university in London (University College London) in the nineties and the band became very successful after the release of their first album Parachutes in 2000. I will never forget Coldplay’s beautiful songs Yellow, Trouble and Don’t Panic. I was on holiday in England when I first heard the album and I just fell in love with the music of Coldplay. It sounded even better after a few pints of real ale! The atmosphere was just magical: life had never been so good!

A Rush of Blood to the Head

I was really becoming interested in Coldplay and when they released their second album ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’ I was absolutely blown away! They had taken the music even further than I had dared to imagine! Especially ‘Clocks’ is a song that I can hear or play a million times and still it doesn’t bore me! There is a certain part in the song where you get goose bumps listening to it, so beautiful. It actually feels like a rush of blood to the head. At that time they started sounding very adventurous, fresh and full of fire. To me their music was and still is symbolic of the hope, dreams and imagination of young people throughout the world.

Coldplay Tour 2008

Unfortunately I only saw Coldplay once, at Goffertpark, Nijmegen. This concert was during the 2003 Coldplay tour. To me that gig was one of the best Coldplay concerts ever. Of course, it’s got to be: it was the only Coldplay concert I saw! They played with Nada Surf and Supergrass. There was one more band but I cannot remember their name. I vividly remember the rain: it was pouring with rain and it wouldn’t stop! The new Coldplay tour will be great. Having released Viva la Vida or Death and All his Friends, Coldplay will start touring in the UK and then they will go to Europe and the USA. Most Coldplay concerts are already sold out but Coldplay tickets are still available at Concertics! They will play Ahoy in Rotterdam, the Sheffield Arena, the Colorline Arena in Hamburg and those are just a few random dates: they will play many more concerts touring their album Viva la Vida or Death and All his Friends! Get your coldplay tickets 2009 quickly!

Singing drummer

Ringo Starr from the Beatles sings ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’. The drummer from The Eagles sings Hotel California. During the new Coldplay tour drummer Will Champion will sing a new song called ‘The Goldrush’. This song was especially written for the drummer and the audience is warmly invited to sing along! I would like to use this space to let you know that you get this song for free if you buy tickets for the new Coldplay tour! At least, that’s what I read in an interview with Chris Martin! Go and buy your Coldplay tickets! They are worth every penny or cent spent on them!!

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