01 January Thursday 1970
12:00 AM

The Murmurs of Tension 'Awkward Aura' EP

Its clear from the DC Comics Goes Psychedelic cover of The Murmurs of Tension EP Awkward Aura, and the nearly Mothers of Invention monicker, that were dealing with a bunch of sixties fiends here. Nuthin wrong with that per se, but its a hallowed ground that has seen many bands stumble blindly into and fail miserably.

The Murmurs of Tension seem to have all the right moves though. Bug-eyed white boy funk climbs in the mixer with freaky guitars and million-part harmonies that feel more like the hippie-dream going wrong. Majors glide into minors and make for a creeped out racket sitting on a hillside, watching all the people die.


However, like many NuSike outfits, this lot are prone to over-egging the pudding, throwing in wonky synth noises. Im not sure why this keeps cropping up because the closest thing I can think of is Hawkwind mucking about with ace ring modulators as opposed to stealing an element of a lot of bad Britpop rekkids.

Anyway, as a whole, the thing knits together pretty neatly... but if you want to dig a new band thats filled with gloom, weird skews on the world and mad-brained concepts, youre better off checking out The Last People On Earth LP which ticks all the same boxes and better. No great shakes.