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Band Of Horses is a music band that was formed in Seattle, United States but then became popular all around the world. Since 2004 they have made a huge difference in indie rock, folk rock, americana, indie folk, folk pop music genre.

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Originally the band was composed of the great Ben Bridwell Mat Brooke and who have contributed to the unique style of their sounds. Later it wasn’t long till the legendary Creighton Barrett, Joe Arnone, Rob Hampton, Ryan Monroe, Tyler Ramsey Bill Reynolds and made their stage appearance as part of the Band Of Horses team.
The Band Of Horses music heritage consists of famous "Everything All the Time" recorded in 2006, not to mention "Cease to Begin" released in 2007 and "Infinite Arms" that dates back to 2010.
The band reached its popularity peak during Sasquatch! Music Festival 2006, Day 2 (2006-05-27) and then repeated the immense crowd turnout during Vegoose 2006, Sunday: Jokers Wild Stage (2006-10-29).
The Albums of Band Of Horses:
2006 "Everything All the Time"
2007 "Cease to Begin"
2010 "Infinite Arms"
2012 "Mirage Rock"
2016 "Why Are You OK"
Band Of Horses Members: Ben Bridwell (2004 –), Mat Brooke (2004 – 2006-07)
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