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Rap music audiophiles all around the world are watching when Dok2 will go on tours to come hear his songs live. Dok2 concerts are not that numerous but always crowded – so secure your spots in advance and buy tickets now!


Artist Information


Lee Joon-Kyung is a young but ambitious South Korean rapper and music entrepreneur. Having started his career at the age of 13, Lee has written a lot of songs for popular Korean singers and worked with even more of them as producer in a popular TV show “Show Me The Money” and CEO of Illionaire Records. His first solo album called Thunderground was released in 2009 and from that time on the rapper has recorded numerous tracks and albums.

The interest to Dok2 music has considerately grown since the rumors of him being a sibling of Nicole Scherzinger from Pussycat Dolls started going around, however, the singer denied the speculations. So if you are a real fan of Dok2 musical creations – come to one of his concerts and enjoy his music live. We took all the pains to make sure you can buy tickets for less here.

Dok2 Biography

Those who don’t know Dok2 – which we highly doubt such people even exist – are definitely missing out on some good quality hip hop music. Because Dok2 isn’t simply a name on a compact disk or iTunes playlist – it is a milestone in the development of modern sound creation.

Born in Gyeongju, Dok2 probably didn’t think at that time what kind of success the legendary Thunderground Mixtape, Volume 2 album will have. But talent is a unique gift and just a couple of years later a new creation called Love & Life: The Album appears and is being absolutely loved by the admirers from all over the world.

The Albums of Dok2:

  • Thunderground Mixtape, Volume 2
  • Love & Life: The Album
  • Multillionaire
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