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Rap & Hip-Hop

Hip hop music (often referred to as rap music) was born in the USA in the 70s, then quickly spread from the neighborhoods of New York to all over the world and was proclaimed the best selling music at the end of the 20th century. Intense bass tunes, a lot of drums beats, emphasis on lyrics highlighting social and urban issues – these were main characteristics of original hip hop music before it turned into a mainstream genre.

Rap music developed in the consequence of rising hip hop culture and is characterized by lyrics that is sung along with rhythmic beats in the background. Anyway, rap and hip hop music cultures are diverse – check out the concerts and come experience it live!

All the hottest hip hop tours:

The early part of 2017 was all about Lil Wayne tickets, as fans couldn't get enough of the prodigious rapper who has made more songs than can be counted. He has ended the I Am Music Tour, but stay tuned to Concertics for the latest news on Lil Wayne. Last year, Kanye West and Jay-Z had the big tours, so we will see who rivals them this year. Today's hip hop encompasses old school, underground sounds of groups like Jurassic 5, The Roots , to more mainstream artists such as LL Cool J and 50 Cent. Its always a great night when you are at a hip hop show, so don't wait and get yourself some Rap & Hip Hop tickets as soon as you can.

Signing on Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment label, Drake has the backing of one of the biggest stars in hip hop. His first studio album Thank me Later has some really hot songs, and Drake tickets have been some of our hottest sellers for months. You gotta see what has become one of the most talented hip hop stars working today, so get your hip hop tickets before he is as big as Wayne.

After a slow start to mainstream acceptance, Hip Hop music has become one of the most popular types of music out there. From breakdancing to social consciousness, hip hop has morphed from roots in soul, funk and jazz to the streetwise storytelling that exists today. Battlin' MCs, DJs mixing and cutting up the tables, rappers, graffiti artists and always the message, hip hop has bred a new subculture. There is nothing like a hip hop show, so make sure that you've got your hip hop concert tickets ready to roll. With so many hip hop stars out there, its no wonder that hip hop shows as one of out biggest sellers. You can't beat a great hip hop concert, and TL has all the tickets that you want. Stay tuned to us to see when the biggest stars as well as the up-and-comers are coming to a venue near you.