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Since the 1950's, pop music has dominated the airwaves and has worldwide appeal. By definition, pop music is the most popular act at the moment, what everyone is listening to and Pop rock tickets are always in high demand. If you're looking for great tickets to pop concerts, check out the most up to date news on cheap concert tickets to pop concerts below!

Usher Tickets,- This R&B; superstar has cemented a place in music history and you can see him live! Pick up some pop concert tickets to one of the most energetic performances of your life - this guy is a real performer!

Jeff Beck tickets - The king of blues-rock, at least one of them, is coming to your town and these pop concert tickets can't be beat! Pick yourself up some pop rock tickets and experience the sounds true jazz fusion!

The Allman Brothers Band tickets - Another set of classic rockers burning a trail on the pop/rock concert circuit. You can catch them, along with a set of Gregg Allman solor performances this winter!

Dashboard Confessional tickets - As one of the founding fathers of emo - Dashboard grants concert-goers a glimpse at one of the most passionate indie rock bands in existence today.

John Mellencamp tickets - There's nothing like a good trip back to the classics, specifically when the Cougar is involved. Pick up your rock concert tickets for their tour to hear favorites like "Jack and Diane" and "Wild Nights" performed live!

Linkin Park tickets - It's been a long time coming for this set of pop rock concerts, sort of. For hardcore fans of this band, 2 years in the waiting is just too long. See "A Thousand Suns" performed live.These pop rock tickets can't be missed!

Music as a Weapon tickets - Are on sale for a limited number of dates - but not for long! The new tour dates may be the beginning of a multiple-legged tour - these rock tickets featuring Korn and Disturbed will give you a spectacular show!

Rush Tickets - Ever Since this rock group released the single "Working Man" in 1974 - the track has been an American and Canadian staple. Known for their energetic performances, fans are jumping at the chance to buy rock tickets to an above average show.

Backstreet Boys tickets - The boyz are back for another round of tours in the US, this time with NKOTB! These pop concert tickets are on sale early so keep checking back for the full inventory of pop concert tickets to their shows right here!

Johnny Mathis tickets - Are all access passes to some of your favorite classic radio hits. With a new album under his belt, there's no stopping this pop rock superstar!

This season's pop rock tickets and rock concert tickets are the hottest yet. It's cooling down as Fall brings about great pop concert tickets to warm you through and through. So prepare yourself for a fantastic season when you get your groove on at some great pop rock with and rock concert tickets from TicketLiquidator.