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Classical Music Tickets

Classical music is the precurser to modern music we listen to today. What's better than a movement by Mozart or an aria by Handel? Who could resist a live solo composed by Brahms? Classical music inspires creativity, relaxes us and motivates us and the only way to experience the full range of sound from each instrument is to hear it live with classical music tickets!

Andre Rieu

Best known for his revival of waltz-style music, this Johann Strauss Orchestra founder, violinist and composer has turned classical music on it's head. Andre Rieu tickets bring the lighthearted natured of the waltz right before your very eyes!

Joshua Bell

Passing up the chance to buy classical concert tickets to see this Grammy Award winning violinist would be utterly heartbreaking. With Joshua Bell tickets you can experience masterpieces composed by Gershwin, Vivaldi, Zimmer and many more - don't miss out!

Lang Lang

As the first Chinese pianist to play with the Berlin Philharmonic, the Vienna Philharmonic and the best American Orchestras around, Lang Lang (tickets) is considered one of the most influential pianists of all times. These classical concert tickets grant access to the performance of a lifetime!


Solo performances may be the bees knees but see a full symphony with orchestra tickets pretty much takes the cake. The Boston Symphony Orchestra is especially popular around this time of year as staple composers like Beethoven and Tchaikovsky are featured. Another prominent act arising from the BSO are the Boston Pops, the lighter side of orchestra tickets. For a really unique experience, buy orchestra tickets to Apocalyptica tickets, you favorite sci-fi movie to the sounds of a full orchestra!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra made a killing during the holiday season, but it's never too early to buy tickets - they're going on tour this March! Speaking of orchestra tickets - Los Angeles Philharmonic tickets, New York Philharmonic and Chicago Symphony Orchestra tickets are topping the list of cheap concert tickets to a classical music concert.

So before you opt for a pop concert, remind yourself what music is all about by indulging in the rich sounds and moving composition of a classical concert with classical concert tickets!

What is Classical Music?

Term “classical music” is often referred to art pieces written and played in the West since 16th century. While many scientists speculate whether the art of perfectly assembled classical music notes is derived from math principles, nobody will doubt that these sounds are the golden standard of music.

From religious beats of a majestic organ to pure listening pleasure of symphony, sonata, adagio… We are all surrounded by these masterpieces and they help us relax, focus, regain energy and find harmony among ourselves. Check out what classical concerts are happening around you and connect your mind to the greatest music in this world.

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