Upcoming 50s / 60s ERA Concerts

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Call it nostalgia, taste or untamed rebellious desire, but the music of 50s and 60s has it’s charm and appeals to millions of people around the world. These were the times of great music revolution in pop, rhythm and blues, rock n roll, country and especially rock tendencies. The singers of these times performed in mixed styles and constantly developed new directions – no wonder the time is widely called as the best tune decade of the century. Come to one of the concerts listed below and let the good vibes fulfill your soul – from joyful lyrics to powerful beats, there’s so much to discover!

Music from the Good Old Days

Reminisce about the good old days with the sounds of such legends as Doo Wop, Frankie Valli and The Temptations. While musical trends in American pop music have come and gone a hundred times since, plenty of fans still revel in the carefree sounds of that bygone era. One of the biggest names of the 50s and 60s era is Tony Bennett, and Tony's latest tour is now official. Don't miss seeing the guy whose timeless song "Rags to Riches" brought the movie Goodfellas to life!

Some of your favorite 50s and 60s era stars may not be around anymore but there is an option, heading to Las Vegas to see the next best thing! With Las Vegas impersonators tickets you can see some of your favortie acts as if they never stopped playing! So if you've missed out on the chance to see Elvis or Sammy Davis Jr. the first time around, you may get a second chance, 50s and 60s music is alive and kicking!

Luckily, some of the best performers from the 1950s and 60s are still performing, such as The Four Tops and The Drifters, which means you still have a chance to walk down memory lane with them live in concert.