01 January Thursday 1970
12:00 AM

Chris Brown New Tour with Rihanna

Chris Brown

Like many young boys, Chris originally wanted to be a rapper. Of course, his amazing voice could not stay undiscovered for long, so his singing career already took off on the age of 11! Things do not always go as planned though, and with Chris’s superb singing voice, he became an R&B singer rather than a rapper. With success: Chris already was a megastar at the age of 16, when his album ‘Chris Brown’ was launched. Still a teenager, he had already captured the attantion of superstars the likes of Scott Storch, The Underdogs, Dre and Vidal, Bryan Cox, Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri. Even though his first album was such a huge success, I only really got to know and appreciate Chris Brown when he released “Kiss Kiss”, and I was completely won over when “With You” hit the charts. I love that song! I got the album “Exclusive” and got so enthusiastic I immediately also updated my record collection with “Chris Brown”.

Australian Tour with Rihanna November 2008

Chris Brown has toured the US promoting his album ‘Exclusive’, containing many hit singles. Among these are some of my favourite Chris Brown songs, such as the danceable “Forever” and the breathtakingly beautiful “No Air”. Chris has been headlining his own ‘Up Close and Personal Tour’ in the US, with guests such as Lil Wayne and Ne-Yo. So far, I have unfortunately had to content myself with seeing Chris ‘up close’ in pictures and YouTube videos, since I haven’t had the chance to see him live yet. I can’t wait for the ‘personal’ though, and as soon as he comes to Europe, I will make sure I’m at one of his concerts! I regularly check out an online tour schedule, so that I will not be too late getting my Chris Brown tickets. It is possible to get them online at websites such as Concertics. If you live in Australia or New Zealand you are very lucky; you may still be in time to get Chris Brown tickets for the concert in Auckland, New Zealand on 27 October 2008, or Sydney, Australia on 8 November 2008. On this tour he will be accompanied by rumoured girlfriend Rihanna, and I’m sure together they will be able to put on an amazing show!

New Album ‘Graffiti’ in 2009

It has been reported that the title of his new album is ‘Graffiti’. One song has already leaked, and even though Chris is pretty angry about it and claims it wasn’t finished yet, as a curious Chris Brown fan who cannot wait for new material I could not stop myself and listened to it online. It sounded amazing! The new album will probably be even better than Exclusive (can that be possible?) since Chris keeps evolving his style. At 19, he will still have a lot of room to grow, while already he can match himself with the greatest artists of our day!