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05 May
Friday 2017
01:29 PM

Tropicalia! Tropicalia! Tropicalia!

Tropicalia. What in the hell is it? Tough question. Weve spoke about it a lot on these pages but never delved into what it actually means. Tropicalia (or Tropicalismo), and the Tropicalistas, is a movement so wild and dangerous that its a wonder that it ever got off the ground. See, in...

05 May
Friday 2017
01:26 PM

The Murmurs of Tension 'Awkward Aura' EP

Its clear from the DC Comics Goes Psychedelic cover of The Murmurs of Tension EP Awkward Aura, and the nearly Mothers of Invention monicker, that were dealing with a bunch of sixties fiends here. Nuthin wrong with that per se, but its a hallowed ground that has seen many bands stumble...

05 May
Friday 2017
01:20 PM

Noel Gallagher quits Oasis... but for how long?

"It takes more than blood to be my brother," said Liam Gallagher, in an interview with the NME. And now, it seems that one of the most infamous partnerships in pop could well be over following the news that Noel Gallagher has quit Oasis... but... really? Its...

25 April
Tuesday 2017
10:37 AM

Summerfest 2017

The 50th anniversary of the famous Milwaukee Summerfest is promising to be unforgettable. 11 days of music and summer will be waiting for you, as usual at the end of the June and at the beginning of the July. 11 stages and the great performers will be happy to welcome you to the Summerfest...