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Jazz & Blues

Jazz was invented in the USA in the beginning of the 1900s and features a lot of instrumental solos of such musical instruments as saxophone, piano tunes, trumpet notes, bass and drums roles. At the same time blues music received its development from the spiritual songs of African slaves in the America. The advanced harmonies that blues artists employ in their sad songs touch the bottom of the heart every time you hear them.

While employing simple chords, improvisation is in the heart of jazz and blues music and that is why they are best served live – check out the artists that are giving concerts soon and pamper yourself to a great performance.

Jazz and Blues Music Tickets

Jazz is alive, and if you're lucky you'll grab some of those fast-selling Joe Bonamassa tickets for harry's latest tour. Don't forget Harry Connick on Broadway, too! Jazz means many thins to many people, but like all great genres, it has its pantheon of gods: Louis Armstrong, Norah Jones, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny G, BB King and Charlie Parker...the greatest of the greats, helped bring jazz to the masses. Bursting out of the confines of traditional music, jazz has moved through Ragtime, Be Bop, Swing and Dixieland to today's smooth jazz, acid jazz and even jazz rap.

The summer of 2010 is here and the horns are blowing hot! Chris Botti is taking his trumpet sound around America and Chris Botti are always in style. If you want to dance to cool jazz buy Chris Botti tickets now!

If you feel like twisting to some summery Jazz-Blues, why not check out some Tower Of Power or the Jonny Lang schedule and enjoy a swinging summer in 2017?!

Jazz is the original underground phenomenon and the sound of America. Since Jack Kerouac went on the road in search of an evolving Beatnik secret, the genre has kept its roots in improvisation. So every time you see a jazz artist like Buddy Guy or even something laid-back retro like Manhattan Transfer, you're sure to hear a new interpretation. Keep coming back for more, it's always a new experience.

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